Attract. Fulfill. Scale.

The rate of your business growth has a direct correlation to the processes and structure in your business. Let us show you how to grow your business with the least amount of overhead, least amount of time and increased profitability.

Systematic Growth Doesn't Sound Sexy

It's the key to more clients, more time freedom and more profits. Is it sexy now?

If you watch what is happening out in the marketplace, you will watch thought leaders, experts and business owners do anything to gather your attention... to get your "like". Sadly, if there isn't a sound, kick ass system behind the scenes, it doesn't translate into more dollars in the company. For this reason, most are living lives of secret desperation. It looks really pretty on the outside, in fact many around them think they have it all together, but behind the scenes, credit card debt is increasing fast and it looks like the bottom might fall out if something doesn't change quickly.

Our systems help our clients get out of that secret desperation! In fact, within a short period of time, our clients are jumping for joy because they know what specific, small actions on their part will attract the BIG RESULTS! It's time for you to let your systems do the heavy lifting.

Full Service Marketing

Marketing services that bring in results. Whether you are a business owner, a speaker, a consultant or a corporation, our campaigns are not just meant to create engagement but to get the telephone and cash register ringing. From the beginning of the campaign, you know what you can, we keep you informed so you know what you can expect.


Automation Experts

In this competitive world, let automation become your secret weapon. Automation can reduce your overhead, dramatically increase your sales and improve delivery of your products and services. Whether you need marketing and sales automation, structure in your fulfillment or automation in your customer service, let us help you make automation your competitive edge.


Expert Platform/Thought Leader Development

Taking what you already know and getting paid for it. Getting fame for it. Creating a movement from it. Saving lives from it. With you at the forefront. Whether you are a professor, doctor, retired athlete, pastor, business owner, entrepreneur, etc. We create a plan to help you with your packaging and positioning and give you the world as your stage.


Online Course Creation and Product Development

From conception to packaging, Client Attraction Systems helps you create innovative, compelling products your clients will rave about. From information products like audio cd, video dvd, workbooks, whitepapers to promotional items like journals, tshirts, cups and anything in between, your products will serve your greater goal.

Book Creation Services & Marketing

Ready to get your expertise out into the world? The easiest way to get the attention as a thought leader is to write a book. We help you do that in a short period of time and make it a best seller with the people that are looking for your services.


Selling Your Company?

Many times when you are ready to sell, companies begin to look for your value in the marketplace in ways the seller may not understand or have fully implemented. Our systems help you get a higher selling price.

Get Your Free Client Attraction Consultation Today And Get On The Path To More Clients, More Time Freedom and More Profits!

Kris Wilson

"This isn't just about business growth. The best part of this experience was Tina learned everything about our business so that the processes and automation she created would make sense to all of us, even down to our driver. "